Welcome to Help us to help people

Help Us To Help People Inc. (HUTHP,Inc.) is a 501 (c)(3) organization founded by Sheila D. Forbes and established in Feb. 2, 2015. The mission of the organization is "to help families improve their quality of life through the development of daily life skills and offering financial education, budget planning, and family information & support services."

HUTHP,Inc. serves youth (ages 8-18), families, veterans and senior citizens in the Greater Boston Area. The current ethnic populations that are being served include African-Americans, Caucasians, Hispanic, and Portuguese. The vision of HUTHP,Inc. is "to provide the needed access to educational, financial, and informational resources to help individuals & families realize their goals and dreams."

A new take on helping the community:

as organized to confront a deepening crisis facing far too many of our children. Poor children and children of color are particularly at risk for poor outcomes in all developmental and societal areas, and we are calling on all Americans to take action. A toxic cocktail of poverty, illiteracy, racial disparity, violence and massive incarceration is sentencing millions of children of color to dead end, powerless, and hopeless lives and threatens to undermine the past half century of racial and social progress. The Help us to help people offers an intergenerational approach to inform the community about the potential harm to our children should we do nothing, and engage and encourage them to advocate for, address, and support our children’s issues with urgency and persistence.

Give to make a difference in someone's life to provide hot meals & beverages for our Year-End Holiday Celebration and Special Events.Your tax-deductible donation of $1.00 or more can help us to continue serving people in need in Greater Boston Area urban communities.


Phone: 617.564.3570

Fax: 800.447.8029

E-Mail: forbes@helpus2helppeople.org